Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pure Talent

I have some RIDICULOUSLY talented friends and most recently my lovely friend Alexandra Apostolidis is about to take Paris by storm with her fashion designs.  She was chosen out of a number of designers from across the globe to showcase her collection 'A Comfortable Silence' at an international fashion trade show in Paris.  Best of luck young lady you're going to be sooooo successful!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch up.

I know i've been ridiculously bad at updating this blog . . . so I thought I would add a pile of photos from the pat month or so just to semi catch you up to where I've been lately.  Don't get your hopes up its not insanely interesting but its my life.
FYI there is no order to this madness!

Florence & the Machine at  Rod Laver in Melbourne

Christchurch container mall. Minutes after another damn earthquake.


Gift haul from my bestie and her visit to the states!

Want these dogs in my life!

More flo

Parts of the chch CDB that hasn't been touched sine the EQ.

Grace Face

goodbye top of my thumb.  Who let me use those knives?!!

Perfect new key ring.

Crappy Iphone florence pic

Favourite kiwi dinner.

Geelong.  Pre Bingo.


Om nom nom

Hawk and Hunter.  I likes the flowers.

Bingo smiles


Old stomping ground in chch.

Ellie Cat

Yum coffee go here.

Liam's true love

How many coffee pics can I get in one blog?

Awesome AWESOME gig on Saturday night.  

I'm trying to think of ways to have sh*t loads of fun on a semi tight budget . . . reality is a bitch and apparently I need to grow up a little and save some money.  I'm not entirely sure what for at the moment as all I can think of is catching the next plane out of this wintery wilderness.  Fingers crossed for a miracle/lotto win asap!