Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twenty and Six.

Holy Hell this place is good!  Like really REALLY good.  It's kind of funny when you live in Melbourne you kind of stick to the 'inner inner' burbs if you live there so this was my first venture to North Melbourne (which is still technically an 'inner burb') and it will definitely not be my last.  
Huge call but Twenty and Six espresso is my new fave coffee hang out! 
The decor is what I would have in my own cafe (imaginary of course) mixed with the style of someone who actually knows what they're doing.  The smashed avo dish is ridiculously good and I'm a connoisseur from way back.  If it wasn't so busy you could sit there for hours admiring everything about it!  Get your butts to 594 Queensberry St, North Melbourne.

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