Friday, March 23, 2012


Just to let you all know I'm on holiday for my mums 50th birthday, she's young eh? Thought I better let some of you know before sending out a search party. Will be back in action early next week. Xx

Friday, March 16, 2012

Yes please!

Thought it was about time to do another collective 'look at what I covet' piece because I know for a fact that everyone likes to look at photos of stuff.  Well I love to anyway my favourite part of any magazine is the fashion collages . . . a million times better than the shoots as you know most of the clothes are not going to look the same on you as the size 6 model in the photo.  Anyway . . .

I'm in need of a couple of pairs of ankle boots as my beau coop babies are little worse for wear after a solid year of use!
I am obsessed with all of the Acne ones.  What ones should I go for?



And then while I was busy being naughty looking for shoes I found a bag I love . . .

Arden Denim Bucket

I'm slightly obsessed with this anorak by Ksubi . . .

On the subject of coats I also love this twenty-seven names 313 coat.

And for a touch of summer in winter this pastel purple lovely from Wildfox White Label. . .

Ten Lives Jumper

A little bit of gold never hurt anyone . . . love this nineteen eighty eight bracelet.

Shakuhachi Egg Shaped Maxi Dress . . . love the rose gold belt.

And because I've always been a sucker for meadowlark jewels . . . 

Crystal Bar Ring

I've been in search of something floral and I think I found it.  Sass and Bide Strong Foundation Jacket.

Lastly an inspirational look book by Superette . . . ohhhhh love! check it out here

Happy Friday! xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


An event I've always wanted to be involved in was South By South West festival that is taking place in Austin Texas at the moment. There is a massive line up this year with bands from all over the world including little 'ol NZ . . . and of course a few from Melbourne.
These are some of my favourites . . .

AND you can choose your own here

Sudakaya from Quito, Ecuador (I'm not entirely sure if I love them only because I've had a love affair with Ecuador for years, or I love the language . . .)

Sudakaya - Mi Tierra

This guy is a little creepy for some reason and perhaps I'm drawn to him also because I spent a lot of time in Portland . . .

Nick Jaina - Sleep Child

Electric Guest - American Daydream

I pretty much like these guys because of their website . . . 

Workout - these are the years 

New Cassettes - Hearts don't beat right

and of course absolute favourites over there at the moment, representing NZ . . .

Electric Wire Hustle - Waters (Acoustic)

Maybe next year . . . 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

I've been busy.

Being on your feet all day makes me one exhausted girl . . . is that a good enough excuse for abandoning you for the last week or so?  I know that my last posts have been decidedly average at best so I'm going to make up for it this week.  I have been out and about living a pretty epic life while I've been away from my computer loads of gigs, shows, picnics, girls nights, spending time with Liam and of course working in a job that is a million times better than my last one . . . seriously!
So here is a mini selection of photos from the last few weeks.  Photos of Fat Freddies, Mayer Hawthorne and Bonobo are coming a little later this week - can I just say how much I ADORE Melbourne for showering me with so much musical wonder!

Ladies night in Torquay with . . . my ladies.
Our dear friend Rosie lives and hour south of all of us here in Melbourne while she works her magic for the good of Rip Curl menswear.  Soooo we went down and got a little boozy with her xx
(excuse the iPhone quality photos!)

Our mum's still love us!

Then there was the Alpha 60 Fashion Show which actually was only last night so I'm doing well!
It was a pretty chilly night for it last night in Melbourne, but it was worth the cold to see a fashion show staged in Chapter Lane in the city - where millions of wedding photos have been taken FYI.
Thanks Nae for the expert camera skills.  

Check back later today for more goodness. And please accept my apology for being just a bit shit.