Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St Kilda Street Party

Direct from our sky loft VIP area (ie my very good friends who just happen to have an amazing apartment over looking a main st in St Kilda) we watch the crowds roll in to St Kilda festival.  There we were topped up on Moscow Mules and safe from the crazy afternoon weather, eating copious amounts of delicious food (faves included baked brie and spinach dip haha).  We barely noticed that time was quickly slipping away and if we were going to make the most out of this Sunday 'festival' we better get out amongst the action.  Heading down to the beach we found ourselves among hundreds of Jersey Shore-esque people so took refuge in a silent disco where even though we could still see/watch them we no longer had to torture our ears with their chatter (only really bad house music.)  Anyway it was loads of fun even if the week started with a small hangover.

Oh did I mention they have fruit ninja?


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