Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back on Topic

I just remembered I still had tow days to go on my photo challenge.  Argh I was so close to finishing within the 30 days damn it!  Anyway here are the last two days . . .

Day 29, Black and White.
Hmmm I have a plethora of these photos in my library but this is one I prepared only a little bit earlier.
Quite possibly my most hated food/anything in the world. PEAS.  I cannot handle their popping and mushy texture and their 'green' taste so I tried to make them easier to handle turning them into black and white.

Day 30, Self Portrait.
Not AGAIN! This still counts because a) I took the photo and b) I'm in the photo and Naea is my bestie so therefore part of me?!  Sounds plausible yeah?  There is no way I'm taking a new photo of myself now that could be blasted off around the world via the internet.  I'm pretty much still in my PJs happily holed up in my room on a wet and windy Melbourne day.  

Ooo yeah challenge done and dusted!


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