Monday, January 2, 2012


2012 is already cracking up to be a pretty good year bringing it in with good friends, plenty of wine and being able to tick the box of attending the first festival of the season!  Summadayze was pretty epic although a crazy 35 degrees we managed to keep the drinks flowing and legs dancing.  Highlights were definitely flying lotus and well I guess Snoop even though we were mainly viewing him from a giant screen while filling our bodies with delicious kebabs and Acai smoothies.  Already feel like 2012 is going to kick 2011's large stinking butt.
Hope your holiday period was as good as mine!

Flying lotus, aka the guy with the biggest grin I've ever seen!

This guy was happpppy.

Not a good idea to apply fake tan the morning of a festival when it's 35 degrees and you're going to wear white!

Cheers.  Nothing like a $10 beer.

Grandmaster Flash

Sooo hot!

Perfect day to wear my favourite summer dress 
Friend of Mine Winona in Snow Leopard, love it!

OK and here's a few slightly better photos:

Flying Lotus and Liam, Liam looks happy flylo looks . . . scared.

Tired boogy


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