Monday, January 16, 2012

A sneak peak of the last couple of days!

I had the most brilliant weekend celebrating my good girlfrennnn Zoe's birthday in style at the Portsea Polo.  It was a pretty epic day and definitely the first polo match I've ever been to.  I'm a little upset I wasn't able to take more photos as my camera decided to stop working and my phone went flat so this post won't be full of the goodies I was promising but I am going to round up a load of photos from the girls and do another post later this week!
Anyway I better get on to the challenge again so I have a few photos I managed to take before the phone shut down!

Day eight,  a bad habit!
This was easy . . . drinking too much! Ah well it was fun and worth the mini hangover .

Day Nine, Someone I love.  
I guess this is where I'm supposed to put a photo of my other half but i think thats a little cliche soooo here is a photo of a girl I love dearly.  My bestie Naea.  Cute as a button!

And I also love this lady . . . 

So here are the rest of the photos I did get to take of the weekend but seriously expect more as I round up all the good ones!

Serious camping

The ladies snuggling down with wine, cider and mojitos.

Just to prove I did see some of the actual polo.

Reality flipped!


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