Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Once I'm earning again.

It's so hard not to look at all my favourite websites while spending the day emailing companies to give me a job (hear that Seek?  You're just a bit too shit for me to handle now!)  I have so many new blogs and online stores I cannot go a day without visiting and even more so lusting after all the lush clothes displayed and events that are going on all over the world . . . Soooo I'm going to share with you what I will be buying and doing once I have the capabilities to do so :)  Click on some of the images to take you to online stores.

Alice McCall Grange Jacket

Miu Miu Swimsuit
(because even though we will be going into winter soon-ish I feel a tropical vacation coming on)

Rare Pastel Stripe dress

Acne Marnay Crinkle Dress in Black

ASOS Dress with Dropped Hem

Stolen Girlfriends Club Yeti Knit Coat

Sass & Bide Raising the Bar Zippora Spray On Jeans

Acne Shore Knit in Stone
How cute is the back of this knit?

Nookie Savannah Cape

I know its a small pic but I love this scarf from Bay and Fyfe.

Trompe L'Oeil Floor Mat - Serape + the white wash floor boards!

There will be more . . . for sure!


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