Monday, January 9, 2012

Manchester Press. Go here.

Tucked away in the small alley ways of Melbourne's CBD is Manchester Press, a relatively new cafe (opened in March last year) that is home to some of the nicest wait staff around and one of the coolest interiors I'm yet to see in any cafe.  This place exudes eclecticism with recycled tables and chairs, large drawings by Melbourne artist William Montgomery,  and huge hydroponic lights dangling from the ceiling.   The menu is simple, straight forward and written on a perspex board it consists mainly of delicious fresh bagels and even yummier coffee.  The atmosphere is 'trendy' yet relaxed, I could have spent hours sitting in the corner reading the really good magazines they have waiting for you!  New favourite cafe in all of Melbourne!

Get your fix at this address:

8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne.
(03) 9600 4054

Oh yeah and I have to mention much of the furniture was designed/sourced by my good friend Ric Delbridge who owns the The Cool Room in Balaclava.  Check out his talents here.

The menu!  Check out some of the bagel toppings!

(photo courtesy of Timothy at

Bagel Kitchen Gods

A table I would die for in my house

Creative Baristas!

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  1. Beautiful photos! :)