Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little loves

There is no doubt in my mind that summer is my favourite time of year.  I am a sucker for open fire places (bear skin rugs not so much), warming my hands on a cup of hot chocolate (lindt of course!) and snuggling down into my giant duvet/doona with the cold and rain pelting down outside but none of that even closely compares to:  
beach bonfires, 

sipping super cold Corona in the sun (or Pacifico when I can get my hands on it), 

Keeping that beer cool in style?!

watermelon - lots and lots of watermelon, 

Stomach is rumbling looking at these plates! 

Music festivals

beach hair, 

fresh gelato,

Paddling in the ocean

Summer dresses

and the temperature being above 30º most days!


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