Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to reality

Away on a whirlwind trip along the Great Ocean Road, that's where I've been for the past while . . . not to mention tired (and a lot hungover) from Australia day festivities.  Sorry I got behind with my photo challenge but I'm here to make up for it!  I have done ALOT of camera 'operating' over the past few days (although I'm without my Australia day photos for a while longer sorry) so will also put loads of those up for you all to peek at.
First point of call . . . Catch up!

Day 19.  Something Orange.

And who doesn't know the famous orange stripe of the penguin book collection?!  
$10 for a classic is a bargain.  Books are always better in the 'flesh'.

Day 20. Bokeh 

Jeez I had to figure out what this even was . . . and then which of my photos I have managed to do this in . . . luckily while on my orange quest I managed to get this one.
Bokeh according to Wikipedia is "is the blur or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image"

Pretty hibiscus flowers (I think) in the far North of NZ.
I get a bit homesick this time of year . . . 

You may see some shots like this one also that is labeled as Bokeh.

Image from

The whimsical layering of light.  
Pretty cool and even if you didn't I learnt something through this little challenge . . . 

Day 21.  Faceless self-portrait. 

You all know how I love self-portraits so you've probably already guessed I have a cheeky way around things . . . 

No face in sight . . . 

Day 22. Hands

'In the Air'

Katy B at Parklife. 

Day 23. Sunflare.

I'm pretty sure my mum never told me to stare at the sun and to be honest if you're trying to take a pic of a sunflare isn't that almost the same thing as looking directly at it?  I mean with a 'real' camera.  Anyway I've always preferred to take a pic of a sunset or on the rare occasions a sunrise (i'm a night owl).  But I managed to find one in my collection (because it's such a crappy day in Melbourne today!).

Loreto, Baja California, Mexico.  

Day 24.  Animal.

Oh I have been way too excited to show you all this perfect little creature.  We were driving back along the Great Ocean Road when Liam starts shouting and pulls the car over because there is a young koala on the side of the road . . . possibly the cutest wee thing I've ever seen and it even posed for the camera.

Love its little smile . . .

So yay now we're all caught up and I'll be posting loads more this week as I get my photos organised and all my loves and stories sorted to be at least a little coherent!


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