Friday, December 30, 2011

What does the future have in store?

Ah so its the 31st December and instead of sipping cocktails in raglan or the mount or partying it up with my boys and girls at Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne, NZ,  I'm 'stuck' in Melbourne. First of all I was devastated,  I had a brilliant Xmas (as you can tell by my previous post) but missed my family and new years will be another event without them. But at the moment I'm sitting on the beach in 30+ degs, not a cloud in the sky and wondering why I've felt so bummed . . . No didnt plan on being here and it definitely wasnt my first, second or third choice but I'm by the ocean (worst thought for me is to be in a landlocked country for summer!), getting a tan ( don't worry I'm sunblocked up fairly well) and tonight I get to party like its 1999 with an amazing bunch of Melbournites (although most of us are from other parts of the world!). Life could be a lot worse. 

I'm not about to go on about new years resolutions right I've learnt over the past few years sometimes you can't help what happens and as long as your putting the most you can into yourself then good things will come of it. No longer will I be disappointed with a failed resolution ooo that is except to get a job I really love. Anyone know of any??? It's a tough market out there!

Hope you all have a brilliant new years, see you on the other side! 


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