Thursday, December 22, 2011

see you in a while NZ

Whoah I don't think it was this hard being away from my beloved NZ, family and summer bliss when I was in Canada (may I add freezing Canada!).  Maybe it's because I'm almost close enough to touch it but can't get there . . . no really all flights are sold out between Melbourne and Christchurch up until Saturday night!
Don't get me wrong I'm so excited to spend xmas with my awesome Melbourne friends (most of them home pals) but not having the family around on Xmas is hard and I could be thinking about it too much because everyone seems to be heading back to the homeland for the holidays.
Our place has the tree and everything (and tons of presents too) but still can't fight the feeling I'm meant to be stuffing myself with Salmon and other seafood delights with my family.  Love you mum, dad and bro.

To make this particularly dull blog a little less 'sad' and little more 'delightful' here's our tree!

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