Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just a few of my faves

It's been hot as hell the last few days in Melbourne almost to the point where you feel sticky as soon as you step outside. On the other hand I have massive problems staying inside on a hot day, I feel lazy and I just can't do it!  Thats my excuse for not having new stuff up on the website!!!!
Had an awesome day at the beach allll by myself on Thursday check out St Kilda looking mighty fine . . .

Have had a lot of free time recently . . . and have had dayss to spend doing loads of stuff in Melbourne, to be honest I've mainly been Christmas shopping and scouring the internet for my favourite things but it has been good to see the City coming into summer spending time in the gardens and of course the beach.
I truly love my adopted city even with it's crazy afternoon thunder storms, bad drivers, and mad aussie rules fans.

I like these:

You know all about my Mexican Skull Obsession

Insight dress, fluro tribal . . .

Love the ocean, going to miss my NZ summer.

Love Zooey

For all of my pals 

I may start eating cheerios now I've seen this

Ohhh yes it is

Ok so it's been on every second blog I've read but I really REALLY 
love the Michael Kors Chronograph watch.

Thanks for reading! x

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