Monday, December 19, 2011

I did this then I did this . . .

Can't believe it's only six more sleeps until Santa comes . . . yes I still like to firmly believe in Santa because I love presents (who doesn't?!) but then I also love buying/making gifts and wrapping them up in my fave paper . . . what can I say it's a slower lifestyle when you're "momentarily) unemployed yus!
The good thing about this time of year is that everyone is keen to do stuff . . . party, coffee, shop together, and just generally chill out (as long as you book it in before anyone else that is!)  I met bestie down Chapel St at Dukes (insanely good coffee go there) and while strolling trying to walk off the delish panini I stumbled on an awful looking clothing store where the paint was peeling off and there were stains on the floor.  This store as not what you would call shabby chic either it was horrible and unfortunately I saw what I was looking for FOREVER (well since last month) on a rack hanging by the door . . . a cute aztec-ish inspired skirt.  I literally held my breath picked up the skirt and raced over to the counter to be greeted by a shop assistant in her late forties wearing a boob tube and penciled on eyebrows (yep, no lie!) and paid for it.  After all that stress here is what I walked away with (for super cheap may I add!)

Pretty right?!

Had a pretty epic week last week as well had a night out at the roof top cinema to watch inception.  An awesome place to see an 'ok' movie although I highly recommend wearing a sleeping bag!  

Melbourne's looking a bit pretty with all the lights down South Bank  . . .

Ooo ooo and I finally DIY'd something . . . does that make sense?!  
Anyway check it out I turned a fairly lame Michael Hill bracelet into something a little more . . . 
well just better I guess.  Proud of me Nom???


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