Thursday, December 1, 2011

First day of summer frolicking

It's pretty hard to understand how anyone couldn't LOVE summer.  I guess living in Melbourne can drive you a little mad at times when one days it's 35º and the next its 19º but I'll take it.  I have trawled a few of my favourite pages and sites that show what summer is all about . . . to me that is.

Friends, sunshine, festivals, surf. 

Ah Mount Maunganui 
my 'home' although I won't be greeting you this summer I'll be thinking about you!

Pohutukawa trees I miss you.

Friends and Family at Xmas


A good pair of sandals

Chunky Boho Rings

Things that inspire . . . 

Any piece by Lindi Kingi

Frozen cocktails

Mexican Beer

Fairy Lights


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