Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmassy Goodness

It has felt like the weirdest month being somewhere else for the start of summer I'm so used to jandals and pohutukawa trees (thanks to the north island) and most importantly seeing my family.  I swore when I was in Canada that I would never go another xmas without seeing mum and dad but I guess these things happen . . . before you think I'm going to complain about my day I'm not I loved it!  I got spoilt rotten  as you can see here

and here

Woohoo Michael Kors watch . . . 

Surprisingly we had a pretty hectic schedule with three different places to get to during the day.  Made it a really fun and exciting day really.

First up we opened prezzie's with our awesome flat mates .. . .

Then on to breakfast at bestie Naea's parent's house.  Thanks Vikki and Sheldon for a pretty amazing start to the day!

Putting the xmas tree earrings on

Next it was a late lunch (thank god) at our friend Ric's vintage furniture store (check out his website)

And for dinner . . . back at Naea's house with the crew . . . 

Could barely eat but my god it was delicious!

Hope you all had a brilliant Xmas and have an even better new year!


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