Friday, December 2, 2011

Am I Too Old For This?!

With regard to my wardrobe I've always thought of myself as relatively organised and due to the amount of travel I've been lucky enough to do over the past few years I felt I constantly sorted my wardrobe and gave-away/clothing binned what I didn't want anymore.  It wasn't until yesterday as I was staring into my closet, in my towel, that I realised with utter despair I have a lot of 'crap' in there . . . I'm not talking about clothes that 'may' come back into fashion but clothes that I would NEVER leave the house in.
I have about four dresses that I had to ask myself "Am I too old for this?!"  When did I become this person?  I have teddies I've had since birth still taking pride of place on my (shared) bed and I'm definitely not too old for them, surely dresses don't have the same sentimental value?!!  How did I let my wardrobe get to such a shocking state?  I pride myself on always looking . . .  well maybe not my age but definitely hiding anything that gets worse with age . . .
This weekend I vow to clean it all out and never see those four dresses ever again!!

Friends . . . I'm not even giving these guys away!

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