Friday, December 30, 2011

What does the future have in store?

Ah so its the 31st December and instead of sipping cocktails in raglan or the mount or partying it up with my boys and girls at Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne, NZ,  I'm 'stuck' in Melbourne. First of all I was devastated,  I had a brilliant Xmas (as you can tell by my previous post) but missed my family and new years will be another event without them. But at the moment I'm sitting on the beach in 30+ degs, not a cloud in the sky and wondering why I've felt so bummed . . . No didnt plan on being here and it definitely wasnt my first, second or third choice but I'm by the ocean (worst thought for me is to be in a landlocked country for summer!), getting a tan ( don't worry I'm sunblocked up fairly well) and tonight I get to party like its 1999 with an amazing bunch of Melbournites (although most of us are from other parts of the world!). Life could be a lot worse. 

I'm not about to go on about new years resolutions right I've learnt over the past few years sometimes you can't help what happens and as long as your putting the most you can into yourself then good things will come of it. No longer will I be disappointed with a failed resolution ooo that is except to get a job I really love. Anyone know of any??? It's a tough market out there!

Hope you all have a brilliant new years, see you on the other side! 


Christmassy Goodness

It has felt like the weirdest month being somewhere else for the start of summer I'm so used to jandals and pohutukawa trees (thanks to the north island) and most importantly seeing my family.  I swore when I was in Canada that I would never go another xmas without seeing mum and dad but I guess these things happen . . . before you think I'm going to complain about my day I'm not I loved it!  I got spoilt rotten  as you can see here

and here

Woohoo Michael Kors watch . . . 

Surprisingly we had a pretty hectic schedule with three different places to get to during the day.  Made it a really fun and exciting day really.

First up we opened prezzie's with our awesome flat mates .. . .

Then on to breakfast at bestie Naea's parent's house.  Thanks Vikki and Sheldon for a pretty amazing start to the day!

Putting the xmas tree earrings on

Next it was a late lunch (thank god) at our friend Ric's vintage furniture store (check out his website)

And for dinner . . . back at Naea's house with the crew . . . 

Could barely eat but my god it was delicious!

Hope you all had a brilliant Xmas and have an even better new year!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

see you in a while NZ

Whoah I don't think it was this hard being away from my beloved NZ, family and summer bliss when I was in Canada (may I add freezing Canada!).  Maybe it's because I'm almost close enough to touch it but can't get there . . . no really all flights are sold out between Melbourne and Christchurch up until Saturday night!
Don't get me wrong I'm so excited to spend xmas with my awesome Melbourne friends (most of them home pals) but not having the family around on Xmas is hard and I could be thinking about it too much because everyone seems to be heading back to the homeland for the holidays.
Our place has the tree and everything (and tons of presents too) but still can't fight the feeling I'm meant to be stuffing myself with Salmon and other seafood delights with my family.  Love you mum, dad and bro.

To make this particularly dull blog a little less 'sad' and little more 'delightful' here's our tree!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Love these new jewels from Auckland Jewellery house Clink.
They're my perfect necklaces.

All available from


Monday, December 19, 2011

I did this then I did this . . .

Can't believe it's only six more sleeps until Santa comes . . . yes I still like to firmly believe in Santa because I love presents (who doesn't?!) but then I also love buying/making gifts and wrapping them up in my fave paper . . . what can I say it's a slower lifestyle when you're "momentarily) unemployed yus!
The good thing about this time of year is that everyone is keen to do stuff . . . party, coffee, shop together, and just generally chill out (as long as you book it in before anyone else that is!)  I met bestie down Chapel St at Dukes (insanely good coffee go there) and while strolling trying to walk off the delish panini I stumbled on an awful looking clothing store where the paint was peeling off and there were stains on the floor.  This store as not what you would call shabby chic either it was horrible and unfortunately I saw what I was looking for FOREVER (well since last month) on a rack hanging by the door . . . a cute aztec-ish inspired skirt.  I literally held my breath picked up the skirt and raced over to the counter to be greeted by a shop assistant in her late forties wearing a boob tube and penciled on eyebrows (yep, no lie!) and paid for it.  After all that stress here is what I walked away with (for super cheap may I add!)

Pretty right?!

Had a pretty epic week last week as well had a night out at the roof top cinema to watch inception.  An awesome place to see an 'ok' movie although I highly recommend wearing a sleeping bag!  

Melbourne's looking a bit pretty with all the lights down South Bank  . . .

Ooo ooo and I finally DIY'd something . . . does that make sense?!  
Anyway check it out I turned a fairly lame Michael Hill bracelet into something a little more . . . 
well just better I guess.  Proud of me Nom???


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perfect pair of denim shorts

I have no idea how I got to the stage where I have no blue denim summer shorts!!!!!  If you took a look at my wardrobe undoubtedly you would think I have a million pairs!  Anyway all that means is I have to scour the stores online and in the city to find the perfect ones.  Here are a few possibilities so far.

Ksubi Alberceque - Hay Day May Day

Sass and Bide - Brave the Elements

Friend of Mine - Johnny Cash Short

And then of course you need the tees and singlets to go with them . . . 

Bassike - Heritage Neck with Tail Tank

Bassike - Silk Crop Tee

Ok I'm obsessed with this tee and it's the second time I've put it on the blog . . .
Wildfox - Fan Club Donovan Tee

and then there is the perfect pair of shoes

Superette Collab - Studded Chucks

or . .  . 

Ksubi - Hitchcock Boots

Vans Authentic - Blue

Homesickness again

This is why I will always call Tauranga, New Zealand my home . . . because fur seal pups make house calls.

Have a read :)


Soooo I only just caught wind of the new online drama called Dalston Superstars.  It's a 'reality' show about London hipsters living in area of Dalston.  The show is actually not too bad and the 'stars' of the show are pretty hilarious although I'm not sure they mean to be or not.  Having just released the third episode there isn't much to the drama yet but if you have a spare 10 mins I dare you to have a watch.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just a few of my faves

It's been hot as hell the last few days in Melbourne almost to the point where you feel sticky as soon as you step outside. On the other hand I have massive problems staying inside on a hot day, I feel lazy and I just can't do it!  Thats my excuse for not having new stuff up on the website!!!!
Had an awesome day at the beach allll by myself on Thursday check out St Kilda looking mighty fine . . .

Have had a lot of free time recently . . . and have had dayss to spend doing loads of stuff in Melbourne, to be honest I've mainly been Christmas shopping and scouring the internet for my favourite things but it has been good to see the City coming into summer spending time in the gardens and of course the beach.
I truly love my adopted city even with it's crazy afternoon thunder storms, bad drivers, and mad aussie rules fans.

I like these:

You know all about my Mexican Skull Obsession

Insight dress, fluro tribal . . .

Love the ocean, going to miss my NZ summer.

Love Zooey

For all of my pals 

I may start eating cheerios now I've seen this

Ohhh yes it is

Ok so it's been on every second blog I've read but I really REALLY 
love the Michael Kors Chronograph watch.

Thanks for reading! x