Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weeks go by . . .

I have just returned to the big smoke (Melbourne) after a blissful six day jaunt up on Stradbroke Island to watch the nuptials of Liam's brother Aaron and his beautiful wifey Kelly.  Photos are coming!!!!! The long anticipated red dress snaps will be in the mix I promise (wearing the dress was potentially the most exciting part of the whole weekend for me!).
The island life is amazing semi-helped along by the fact there is next to no cell phone coverage anywhere but the ferry terminal (by terminal I mean smallish car park with a ramp to a boat).  It's a little liberating not having to worry about being 'reachable' although a little odd not having access to google maps or facebook.  To be honest with you as soon as the car returned to the ferry I was straight away texting (and facebooking) my pals back home.
Stay tuned this week as I endeavour to post loads.  I have so much to tell and show you I'm about to burst!


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