Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some things to come . . .

Sorry about the lack of storytelling of late
A) been finishing my study for the year!
B) its been my birthday week (yes week!) and I have been too busy partying with my pals
C) trying to come up with some new and inspiring blogs for you all to read.
SOoooooo here are some articles you should expect over the next couple of weeks . . .

Halloween spectacular!
Glitter and metallic nails . . .
Some of my fave holiday snaps and stories from the past couple of years
A couple of must have dresses . . . thanks ASOS for making the dream reality! haha
Coloured denim for the summer . . . ooooo yeah get your red ones out
shoes galore
Some top beauty secrets from myself and my lady friends
A SHIT LOAD of photos (I'm getting better at pulling my camera out now!)
An epic review of a couple of NZ gigs that have gone done the last couple of days -  electric wire hustle.
What did Liam get me for my bday?!  You'll find out
a couple of amazing recipes straight from my mum's book!
Oh there is so much more . . . please keep reading!!!


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