Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Hi . . . I didn't see you there

A guess its been a while since I put a personal photo of me on here and since most of you actually know me I don't have to BUT i think it's probably time for an update and another introduction to me.

So Hi there . . .

This has been my favourite piece of clothing throughout the Melbourne winter 
my Agnieszka Cardigan super chunky and green . . . 

These are a couple of my ladies with my closest on the right (with her face slightly chopped, sorry Nae).
I miss my bestie lots she's away on an EPIC month long trip in North America.  LUCKY!

These are my Pookeys, have been with me my whole life.  
Guess that makes them almost 'vintage'!

Other half Liam, he's pretty cool.  Most of the time.

These dorks are my much loved housemates Paulus, Han, Liam and Ben.

This is my pretty new cool city Melbourne

And thats about everything you need to know to read my blog.


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