Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some things to come . . .

Sorry about the lack of storytelling of late
A) been finishing my study for the year!
B) its been my birthday week (yes week!) and I have been too busy partying with my pals
C) trying to come up with some new and inspiring blogs for you all to read.
SOoooooo here are some articles you should expect over the next couple of weeks . . .

Halloween spectacular!
Glitter and metallic nails . . .
Some of my fave holiday snaps and stories from the past couple of years
A couple of must have dresses . . . thanks ASOS for making the dream reality! haha
Coloured denim for the summer . . . ooooo yeah get your red ones out
shoes galore
Some top beauty secrets from myself and my lady friends
A SHIT LOAD of photos (I'm getting better at pulling my camera out now!)
An epic review of a couple of NZ gigs that have gone done the last couple of days -  electric wire hustle.
What did Liam get me for my bday?!  You'll find out
a couple of amazing recipes straight from my mum's book!
Oh there is so much more . . . please keep reading!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can't help but fall in love

With this number


yeah I like these

Cassius - I Love You So DUBSTEP REMIX

The Roots - Silent Treatment

Erykah Badu - The Other Side of the Game

I love her . . . 

Joss Stone - Right to be Wrong.  Live

ok this is a long one . . .

No Woman No Cry.  Live

I'm trying to compensate for missing her concert in Melbourne, tear!

Cute Vid
Floetry - Supastar ft. Common

last one

Mr Little Jeans - Angel


Just doing a little bit of procrastinating of my assignment due next week.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

For the lads

A relatively new brand for me, Marshall Artist, have some of the coolest guys clothes I have seen in the past year.  Check these out:

Marshall Artist Sailing Jacket.
Available here at Superette NZ

And while perusing the Superette website (which is what I do when I should be studying) I also found some new summer gear from one of my fave labels Stolen Girlfriends Club

SGC Stripe Singlet 

And of course can't forget the ladies, this is my fave clothing item at the moment the
SGC Drape Playsuit

All available from 


Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Hi . . . I didn't see you there

A guess its been a while since I put a personal photo of me on here and since most of you actually know me I don't have to BUT i think it's probably time for an update and another introduction to me.

So Hi there . . .

This has been my favourite piece of clothing throughout the Melbourne winter 
my Agnieszka Cardigan super chunky and green . . . 

These are a couple of my ladies with my closest on the right (with her face slightly chopped, sorry Nae).
I miss my bestie lots she's away on an EPIC month long trip in North America.  LUCKY!

These are my Pookeys, have been with me my whole life.  
Guess that makes them almost 'vintage'!

Other half Liam, he's pretty cool.  Most of the time.

These dorks are my much loved housemates Paulus, Han, Liam and Ben.

This is my pretty new cool city Melbourne

And thats about everything you need to know to read my blog.


Good things in life

I want pug and his little pink biker goggles

Write the theme toon, sing the theme toon. I like these

Alpines - Cocoon

Selah Sue - Raggamuffin

Florence and the Machine - Shake It Out

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (ft. Irfane)

Capital Cities - Safe and Sound
very cool vid!

Gotye - Someboday that I used to know (ft. Kimbra)


Sad times for the Bay

I'm proud to say I come from one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, Mount Maunganui. It may have a bad rap as a home to boy racers and drunken teenagers but it is also full of beautiful, friendly people and a gorgeous coastline.  A few days ago a cargo ship named the 'Rena' hit a reef just off the coast and is leaking oil which has just started to wash up onshore.  

To think about what could happen to the Bay of Plenty makes me a little sick, oil spills aren't meant to happen in our small country at the bottom of the world and I can't help but feel angry at the thought that a ship could run into a reef that has been so well documented (I really wanted to say signposted then . . .)   A huge thanks to everyone who is attempting to clean up the mess.  And a big screw you to those at fault! Click here to find out more.


I know my shoe of the 'week' isn't really a 'week' so I have decided just to show you all lovely shoes when I come across them.  I'm LOVING these beauties right now.

Dolce Vita - Jade 

Jeffrey Campbell - Miracle Wedges

ALL CAPS - Dahlia in Orange

All available from 

I'm after the perfect pair of wedges to go with my wedding outfit and I still can't decide what colour to go.  I'm think either a nude/beige or colour block it with a bright cobalt blue.  Will let you know how I get on in the next couple of weeks.