Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunny day at Vic Markets

Love a good Sunday chill out and last weekend was no exception we definitely made the most of the sun.  We've been pretty lazy of late in regards to getting out and seeing what Melbourne has to offer so we decided to head to the Victoria Markets and it was AWESOME!  So many interesting people and places and don't even get me started on the food halls . . . DREAM!  I did however eat the most ridiculous Bratwurst Hot Dog and now swear I am going vege for the next year . . . Apparently most Melbournians go there for the doughnuts but the line was a km (give or take) long so I'll save that trip for another time.  No amount of sugar is worth standing in a line that big.

Along side the market there is a small street jam packed with some of the coolest stores and cafes in the city.  Market lane does awesome coffee click here to check out their website.  We also stumbled or well more or less waddled into a cool gifty kind of store just down the road selling hand painted mexican skulls and awesome nick nacks from all over the world . . . the name escapes me but I will get on to finding that out.

For the rest of the day we just cruised through the city and had a big spend up at the new Ksubi store in Melbourne Central (well Liam did, I'm trying my hardest to save!) and generally just enjoyed having time off.  I need to find a job where I have to spend minimal time inside on a sunny day, am taking ideas . . . 

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