Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. A time to reflect on all the pretty things . . .

FASHION WEEK!!! This is one of the reasons that makes living in Melbourne AMAZING!!!!! I was lucky enough to attend two of the gala nights showcasing what Melbourne stores had to offer (Wednesday) and then what Melbourne designers were showcasing (Friday).  Very exciting was the fact that two of my favourite Melbourne stores Green With Envy and FAT were involved and definite highlights for me on the Wednesday.  Friday would have to be all about tiny h'orderves, countreau, the 1920s and a wee meet and greet with Alpha 60 designer duo Georgie and Alex Cleary.  Also new comer to my admiration list Was Alistair Trung I loved the long, unique dresses especially the emerald green (BEAUTIFUL) .  Check out some of the photos . . .  (many thanks to my beautiful friend Zoe for snapping a few of them!)  They are all a bit of a jumble and apologies to the designers for any incorrect labeling!  I was a bit too excited on the night to write down as I went.


Nevenka (LOVE the dress on the right!)

Green With Envy 

Green With Envy

Green With Envy


Zoe and I enjoying complimentary bubbles and a few cocktails.

Tiny h'orderves.  Come on they're a bit cute!

MSFW darlings Naea, Kristy and Vikki

1920s theme anyone, Yep thats me with my mouth wide open in the middle 
(where's wally game to find it!)

Naea and I with Georgie and Alex Cleary (Brother/sister duo from Alpha 60)

Let the show begin . . .

Many of the photographers

Alistair Trung

Alistair Trung



Kristy and Zoe xxxx


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