Thursday, September 22, 2011

Assignment is done!

It's time's like these you realise how little time there is in a day.  Unfortunately because my scribings neither add to my educational status or to my bank account it is often my blog, that I love, that has to put on the back burner. I may have to rethink studying next year OR my more preferred action would be to find a better job . . . still yet to find that one I can see myself in long-term.  But now my second to last assignment is handed in (and hopefully passed!) I have a two week grace period before the next one starts.  Parklife here we come!  Pictures will be here next week!

Lykke Li - Get Some.

Lykke Li, Parklife, breaky with friends, a few sneaky drinks.
Saturday is going to be an amazing day!


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