Saturday, August 27, 2011


Now with this first one (yep because I haven't been able to get on here all week there are 3 shoes!) I work for a boutique sports brand so some of it has to rub off right?!
Love these

The Womens Nike Free
Available where you can buy Nike stuff. So heaps of places!

Ok back to the super important styles:
And I need your help...I have this red dress for the wedding in November (yep I chose check out the choices here) and I want to wear nude suede platform heels what do you think of these ones by Nicholas.

Either one on the far right?!

Or these ones from Tony Bianco

Oh and there is still one more:


Life With Bird (Yep another one!)
Armadillo Wedge

Hmmmm maybe these ones come in nude . . . 

oooooooo I love shoes!!!!!!

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