Monday, August 8, 2011

One beautiful person.

I have put up a couple of photos of one of my favourite people in the world . . . my gorgeous best friend Genaea (or Naea).  Not only is she full of classic style, beauty, kindness and fun, she has the BEST hair and most importantly she is the most supportive person I have ever met.  It was Naea that has been the number one fan of this blog and I'm pretty sure it has been her PR work that has seen "no time like the present" followers growing more and more each week.
Thanks Nae!!!

This one is an oldy a good four years ago  . . . 

And more recently at the Rip Curl Pro with our pal Rosie (right)

I have to let you all know of a certain addiction you may say that my bestie has . . . nail polish.  I'm not kidding, she has some of the most lush colours I have ever seen and her nails are always in impeccable shape (jealous much?!).  I had brunch with Nae and her other half yesterday and had to take a snap of her digits, its definitely driven me to take better care of mine . . . and put aside money to grow my collection!

Perfect wee digits.

Check out the Texas Collection from OPI  


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