Monday, August 15, 2011

Not for the faint hearted . . . (shoe of the week)

So this one I know is going to be either a love/hate.  Those of you who are familiar with Jeffrey Campbell shoes know two features define most of their signature pieces . . . sky high platforms and wedges and style that pushes every shoe boundary imaginable.  One style in particular has been one of the most coveted pair of shoes in the fashion world for the last year the 'Lita'.   This boot has been seen on the feet of most of the top fashion bloggers around the world and sitting with a 5" heel and 2" platform they tend to be easy enough to walk in for the average girl.  It comes in almost every colour imaginable, sequined, covered in fur, plastered with the stars and stripes at US$150 they're a bit of a steal.

I'm going to be blatantly honest here and say they're not for me.  Apart from making me almost 7" tall I just don't like the look of them plus as some of you know I'm just not that good at walking in sky high shoes and at most parties my shoes, if they have any sort of heel or wedge, will come off.  BUT on saying all of this one of my all time favourite design houses Stolen Girlfriends Club has collaborated with the great Jeffrey Campbell to bring you these:

 The 'Emma' Boot

The Gabriella Boot

Very 'Lita' inspired and a look I'm sure Clint Eastwood would be behind.  I know they won't be for every one but already they have had massive interest around the world.  The Emma and the Gabriella will be ready for purchase in November and I'm sure they'll be a sell out.

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