Monday, August 8, 2011

Laundromat Etiquette

Unfortunately our mansion of a flat did not come complete with a washing machine and the one we could get our hands on leaks like crazy . . . so we are all forced to head to our local laundromat a few blocks away.  At first it was something interesting and a little bit 'New York' to do it now its just a pain in the ass.  Having to set aside an hour for laundry in our now fairly hectic schedule its anything but ideal and hopefully we'll have a brand spanking new one in our lonely little laundry soon enough.

Now since I'm new to the whole laundromat experience I decided to do a little research into the do's and don'ts.
So far all I've got is:
DON'T leave your clothes unattended for a long period of time as it 1: Takes up the machines others need if your clothes are sitting there wet or dry in the bottom of the dryer and 2: Stuff gets stolen?!! I'm not sure if this one is really applicable to our local as much as down town New York.
Apparently DO fold others washing if you've pulled it out of the dryer . . . not sure if this goes for underwear as well.  Myself I would be inclined to leave it all in a pile on the table!
DON'T overload industrial dryers as it costs you more and breaks these massive monsters down.  Not that I would put any of my clothes in those dryers.  I feel like everything would shrink?!
Other points that may go for slightly better places included DON'T bring your little kids to scream and wheel around the baskets (doesn't matter at ours we have nothing like that!)

I don't know about you but none of that seemed applicable to me so I came up with some better guidance rules to get by without having any undies stolen, odd looks and unwanted attention.
1: DO take those massive Ikea bags, this means you can stuff all your clothes back in and do all the folding in the comfort of your own home.  No weirdos checking out your lacy underwear.
2: DO take an iPhone or iPad means you don't notice the hour you've just lost and can never get back.
3: DON'T make eye contact with the surly Russian looking guy over by the dryers, he may steal your iPad (that one is for you Han)
4: DO go with someone else it makes the whole mundane experience that much more interesting.

 Pretty sure I'm going to go about washing my undies the same way until we kit out our house.

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