Saturday, August 27, 2011

A few things I like

Disco balls, party a few weeks ago had the biggest one I have ever seen!

Eery Foggy morning looking out over the Yarra River.  Cleared to be a beautiful day.

My house . . . 

My Boyfriend in my house . . . (Well I wish I owned it!)

Beautiful Calla Lillies from my lovely BF.  Pretty lucky!

My work space, complete now with giant iMac, vintage chair picked up on a street in St Kilda (literally) and of course the lillies!

One Teaspoon Maxi Skirt

Haigh's chocolate freckles.  I'm a freak for them.
Unfortunately Haigh's is right next to my work.  Baaaaaaaad.

Clean White Sheets

Labrador Puppies

Rekorderlig Cider (all of them!)

The dream of one day having a room as my walk-in wardrobe like this one . . . 

Low Luv Triple Crystal Cocktail Ring

Beach Hair



Red Lippy




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