Tuesday, August 30, 2011

more than wanderlust

I go through this empty feeling at least once a month.  Something is missing, I don't feel like myself, and I feel like I'm lacking adventure and experience in my weeks.  Nothing can whet this appetite except travel.  I have a crazy case of wanderlust although I love Melbourne and life here.  I want to see and do things I have never done before and meet people I would never come across in a 'normal' day.  Pictures are inspiration to get organising the next adventure somewhere . . . inspirational!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A few things I like

Disco balls, party a few weeks ago had the biggest one I have ever seen!

Eery Foggy morning looking out over the Yarra River.  Cleared to be a beautiful day.

My house . . . 

My Boyfriend in my house . . . (Well I wish I owned it!)

Beautiful Calla Lillies from my lovely BF.  Pretty lucky!

My work space, complete now with giant iMac, vintage chair picked up on a street in St Kilda (literally) and of course the lillies!

One Teaspoon Maxi Skirt

Haigh's chocolate freckles.  I'm a freak for them.
Unfortunately Haigh's is right next to my work.  Baaaaaaaad.

Clean White Sheets

Labrador Puppies

Rekorderlig Cider (all of them!)

The dream of one day having a room as my walk-in wardrobe like this one . . . 

Low Luv Triple Crystal Cocktail Ring

Beach Hair



Red Lippy




Colour blocking babes

I love this look.  Its perfect for the coming seasons and wearing colour should make you feel ridiculously happy so why not?!  Just be wary that too much colour is . . . too much colour.


Now with this first one (yep because I haven't been able to get on here all week there are 3 shoes!) I work for a boutique sports brand so some of it has to rub off right?!
Love these

The Womens Nike Free
Available where you can buy Nike stuff. So heaps of places!

Ok back to the super important styles:
And I need your help...I have this red dress for the wedding in November (yep I chose check out the choices here) and I want to wear nude suede platform heels what do you think of these ones by Nicholas.

Either one on the far right?!

Or these ones from Tony Bianco

Oh and there is still one more:


Life With Bird (Yep another one!)
Armadillo Wedge

Hmmmm maybe these ones come in nude . . . 

oooooooo I love shoes!!!!!!

Another hit of nostalgia

I'm not the type of person to dwell on the past although I almost like nothing better than a good reminisce with friends about a hilarious moment or something that may have totally changed your view on life.  However I'm not going to try to do that to you I just had to bring up a couple of things that make me really miss my childhood.

First of all on the way to work every morning I walk past a crummy looking pub on the corner with pokies (slot machines) lining half the room (no I haven't been in there you can see the bright lights through the stained tinted glass). There is always a stale cigarette and roast meat smell lingering around from the previous night.  I'm not about to say I miss those things, because quite frankly I hate smoking and I'm not the biggest fan of meat either BUT it brings back a vivid memory of most childhood Friday nights down at the Blake Park Squash and Rugby club in Mount Maunganui with my family, Nana and Grandad, family friends and of course the locals.  I remember hanging out with all the other kids eating a bag of salt and vinegar chips and rasperry fizzy drink while running up and down the massive squash court seating.  We would then go and eat dinner altogether in the main bar/restaurant which was full of half drunk adults and so was prime time to swindle a 20c coin off anyone to put it into the slot machine.  Pretty sure I would have made a bit of money off that back in the day, little did I know it was gambling?!!!!  The highlight at the end of it all though was the crunchie bar, it was the best part  of my week (not saying mum and dad never gave us treats during the week) but this I knew was a sure way to get chocolate.

I miss playgrounds (at the risk of sounding like a creep).  How good was it when all you wanted in life was a playground at your house?! Luckily when I was young my parents had a few acres and we pretty much did.  I was lucky enough to complete with a sand pit, huge dolls house, trampoline, swings, diggers, slide . . . spoilt!  however I remember being so excited to go to fast food joints purely for the playground (and the toy!).  God did I love the ball pit at the Georgie Pie (for you kiwis!) in Tauranga and the giant silver slide at Mt Drury in the Mount that actually turned out to no be so giant.  My bank balance would be sky high if this is what made me happy time after time unfortunately I like to spend money on expensive things instead.  Maybe I should get a trampoline for the flat?!

Ok the last thing I have to mention is the ability to not care as a kid.  I didn't care what I wore, ate (except peas), who I played with (as long as I got the pretty Barbie), where I lived.  Before the 'cool factor' came in and you got self conscious and cared what people thought of you.  Imagine how far you would go if none of that held you back now?!


Monday, August 15, 2011


I never want to be one of those bloggers who just take information off someone else's website or blog and uses it as my own.  On saying that some things just have to be shared . . . 

(this last one is courtesy of my beautiful flatmate Han!)

Enjoy x