Monday, July 25, 2011

Where to begin?!

I feel like a little piece of my was missing the whole time I couldn't write on my blog.  It's not that I feel I want to vent anything to anyone I just thoroughly enjoy relaxing and writing about things that make me happy!  Pretty happy with the state of my Melbourne life now, have an awesome group of friends, living in an exceptionally cool place and suburb, have a job . . . still looking for that special one I see myself doing for a long time though, and finally feeling like everything is flowing smoothly.

Beau coops baby, I have been window shopping these bad boys for some time . . . and because of the price I decided to make them my "yus i got a job celebration purchase".  Never been so happy with a pair of shoes!
(Beau Coops Beau5 Ankle Boots in Nero $315 from ZOMP)

As far as purchases that has been about it except for the boring household things . . . pillows, duvet/doona covers, tables, coathangers, toilet brushes and that list gets more and more dull as I go on.

Right have to jet out the door and make the most of my day off but expect a lot more tonight! x

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