Monday, July 4, 2011


What girl doesn't love a bit of sweet indulgence?!  I can honestly say I indulge more than my fair share but on occasions such as high tea who doesn't want to get their money worth right?!  Ok so that's not what they're about apparently its high society afternoon tea . . . which funnily enough is supposed to be called a  'LOW' tea.  Somewhere along the line the 'HIGH' tea took over as it was thought it was 'high' society who 'tea'd' this way. 
Confused?! Same!  
Anyway it is a tasty past time we have to credit to the Brits.  So many delicious teas, scone, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and of course a bit of sparkling wine . . . only champagne will do!
Loved this one a selection of girls and I trialled a few weekends ago.  Have never tasted so many delicious teas and even had my first Macaroon.  Yum!
Check out the Hermes Birkin bag and the Chanel No.5 cakes on the top tier this is all part of their "Winter in Paris" theme for this season.  

Pistachio Macaroons were the best.

High Tea at Hotel Nest
111 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park.
Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
from $40pp

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