Wednesday, July 6, 2011

to a family i think about everyday . . .

besides my family of course!

I was lucky enough to meet the Mendez family, on my travels through the US two years ago (holy crap can't believe it has been that long!).   Even though I haven't been around Crystal or Robert for two years I think about them and the boys Nicholas, Christopher and Gabriel every single day.

I MISS YOU!  You have no idea what it meant to Liam and myself that you welcomed us,  strangers with funny accents into your home and out with your friends.  For everything you helped us with and all the fun times we got to share with you.  Portland would never have been a great experience if it wasn't for you.

So what I was really trying to get to with this post was a wish a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the youngest member of the Mendez clan Gabe.  As most of you close to me already know Gabriel had a horrific accident last year which has meant a lot of new and challenging experiences for him and the family.  I admire all of you and Crystal I am in awe of just how amazing you are.  You can do anything!

I hope today is filled with a lot of love and laughter.  We (yep I'm including Liam in this one) wish we could be there to help you celebrate more than anything and we are sending you so much love from down under! 

The wee man himself on my trip to Portland 2 years ago.

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