Sunday, July 31, 2011

This vs That

I have a wedding to go to in the first week of November and I am DEFINITELY set on wearing a red dress.  I have found two I love but I can't completely decide . . . I have one that I am leaning towards but I want to know what other think.  So tell me!!!!

Dress One

(but in the same red as the one below)
Ordella by Nicholas


Dress Two

which can also be worn like this . . .

Buckingham Dress by Sophie Burrowes

You choose . . .



  1. Dress 2, , , worn the 2 way to wedding, maybe with nice black belt?

  2. My vote is for dress one, it seems more formal for a wedding but can be cas if needed, and I am a fan of the diagonal hemline. good luck in your decision it willn't be easy.