Monday, July 4, 2011

This one's for the lads . . . or gentlemen if you please.

I am lucky my other half is someone with great taste (of course!).  Someone you could say who likes his coffee a certain 'way'.  Me? . . . I can appreciate great coffee but to be honest it doesn't make or break my day like it does for Liam.   So fortunately after drinking several cups of not so brilliant coffee and chai in the city we were pointed in the direction of a great cafe called 'Captains of Industry'.  
It's tucked away down an alley I never knew existed and up some stairs I never would have wandered up without knowing something inspirational waited for me at the top.  You are greeted by an open room with so much going on you don't know whether to sit down or stare blankly at what everyone is doing.   the guys here are masters of nearly every trade under the sun . . . Barbers, shoe makers, EXCELLENT baristas, leather works, and tailors. Quite possibly a gentleman's dream!
Ladies take your man there for a spruce up while you sit back and sip one
of the best coffees you've ever had.

Captains of Industry
Gentlemen's Outfitter and Cafe
Level 1, 2 Somerset Place

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