Monday, July 25, 2011

Identity Crisis

So those of you who know me well know I have just started a job as a store manager for a top sportswear company based in Melbourne.  I have to wear Lycra blend clothing all day every work day.  I'm completely out of my element and I know its a good thing to get out of your comfort zone but seriously this job has me questioning who the hell I am . . . I have never run more than 10km at one time in my life and I don't care what my resting heart rate is or even who the hottest sports stars are..  If I'm going to work out I like it to be in a gym, with my friends or running down a sunny board walk with a cafe in sight.
When I moved to Melbourne I saw myself working for a completely different company, a lot more fashion orientated, and more behind the scenes as I got over working the shop floor in my last retail job.  I am however grateful I can pay my rent and once again go shopping! (Make sure you keep posted as the weeks go on I am going shopping!!!!) I work with lovely ladies who I am now 'guiding' in a company they are all far more familiar with than me.  I am involved with the evolution of the company where my store is getting a complete face lift.  So I can't complain about my work environment (except for a few unexpected overtime hours last week).  BUT my heart is just not in it and I'm scared to start from scratch once again and fall into a job I don't LOVE...maybe that 'dream' job is a myth and most of us only work to make ends meet.  I hope not as that's what I'm gunning for in my next career move.

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