Friday, July 29, 2011


At the risk of sounding like I'm not enjoying my 'new life' across the ditch I find myself getting incredibly homesick for NZ every once in a while.  I truly love living in Melbourne, I have great friends, an amazing house, there's so much to see and do and on beautiful sunny days like we've had for the past few its hard not to be excited for a decent summer here.
I am definitely a kiwi at heart and know I will return to live in my homeland a little later in life.
I miss (warning some of these are odd!):

Normal milk names: seriously what does 'Rev' mean in regards to milk? and I don't think I could trust a litre of 'Pauls' Milk.  Give me anchor or meadow fresh any day.  In fact I might just stick to soy.

Gigs not selling out: I love a good gig and to be blatantly honest I'm not the best at organising other people into going with me so more often than not back home we would just turn up on the night for the door sales . . . but that NEVER happens here.  I have to be some highly organised version of myself now.

Snow: I miss the white fluffy stuff that was covering the South Island this week.  And I miss my snowboard, after riding beer and my snow buddies.

L&P being everywhere: I'm really not the biggest fan of L&P (Lemon and Paeroa soft drink for all of you non NZers) but its a major novelty finding it over here so of course I buy it.  But L&P is 'nostalgic'.  That poo brown and yellow lable makes me home sick for the kiwi life . . . summer roadies (namely going through Paeroa and having your photo taken next to the giant bottle), boysenberry ripple or goody goody gum drops ice cream from the dairy and doing 'nothing much'.

Hearing 'Bro' all the time:  Apart from my other half no one says that here.  Its not such a big deal just a reminder i'm not home walking down the Mount boardwalk or through a NZ shopping mall (guess thats kind of good though right?!)

Sunday magazine:  This could probably be the number one kiwi thing I miss on a Sunday morning.  I'm dying to know what shoe is this weeks pick, what the fashion spread is and what Granny should have told me about this week . . .

Cheap fish and chips: The kiwi staple take away right?  Tell that to the Melbourne fush and chup shops.  You won't get away with paying $10 for 3 scoops and 2 fish.  Yes it may be way better for the waist line but you have to treat yourself sometimes with a massive feed of Fich and chips.

Raglan: Any of you who have been there know why this place could make anyone homesick.  Better start saving my pennys for a bach there.

Pohutukawa Trees: Another ridiculously kiwi thing.  I miss our native trees they're so much prettier than most of the scrub over here!

My friends and family: I wish I could have moved all of you over here with me.  I think about you all the time and I am hoping to get back to NZ before the year is out.  Wish me luck on the saving front!


  1. Loving your wee blog Sarah! Totally agree with everything! Even pineapple lumps are scarce! I think we need to get a list for our whanau's to send us tuck boxes, L and P, milk bottle and pineapple lump pillows, krispie and mallowpuff biscuits! And some bluebird chips! Haha hope your enjoying it here! Xx

  2. ...lollies not pillows....predictive txt sucks!