Sunday, July 31, 2011

This vs That

I have a wedding to go to in the first week of November and I am DEFINITELY set on wearing a red dress.  I have found two I love but I can't completely decide . . . I have one that I am leaning towards but I want to know what other think.  So tell me!!!!

Dress One

(but in the same red as the one below)
Ordella by Nicholas


Dress Two

which can also be worn like this . . .

Buckingham Dress by Sophie Burrowes

You choose . . .


I love nothing better than a good pair of shoes . . .

I know its all a little cliche but I have a little obsession (and I know a lot of my friends do too) with shoes and since I miss the 'Shoe of the Week' from the Sunday magazine back home my mum, ever full of good ideas, said I should do my own . . . so I am! 

Life With Bird
Stone Maiden Boot
rrp AU$360

This makes me happy


I'm a massive fan of a music festival particularly one that has a bad ass line up like Parklife this year!  One of my favourite artists of all time yep ALL TIME Lykke Li is there this year and it's going to be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lykke Li

(Video: I Follow Rivers)


(Video: Les Artistes)


(Video: Dip Hop ft Dead Prez)


(Video: Listen Up)

The Street

(Video: Dry Your Eyes)

Can't freaking wait!!  

Check out
for venues and dates

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Melbourne you're a bit pretty this week

Check what the weather has been like over the past few days!..

Getting very excited for the summer time sun now.  

Friday, July 29, 2011


At the risk of sounding like I'm not enjoying my 'new life' across the ditch I find myself getting incredibly homesick for NZ every once in a while.  I truly love living in Melbourne, I have great friends, an amazing house, there's so much to see and do and on beautiful sunny days like we've had for the past few its hard not to be excited for a decent summer here.
I am definitely a kiwi at heart and know I will return to live in my homeland a little later in life.
I miss (warning some of these are odd!):

Normal milk names: seriously what does 'Rev' mean in regards to milk? and I don't think I could trust a litre of 'Pauls' Milk.  Give me anchor or meadow fresh any day.  In fact I might just stick to soy.

Gigs not selling out: I love a good gig and to be blatantly honest I'm not the best at organising other people into going with me so more often than not back home we would just turn up on the night for the door sales . . . but that NEVER happens here.  I have to be some highly organised version of myself now.

Snow: I miss the white fluffy stuff that was covering the South Island this week.  And I miss my snowboard, after riding beer and my snow buddies.

L&P being everywhere: I'm really not the biggest fan of L&P (Lemon and Paeroa soft drink for all of you non NZers) but its a major novelty finding it over here so of course I buy it.  But L&P is 'nostalgic'.  That poo brown and yellow lable makes me home sick for the kiwi life . . . summer roadies (namely going through Paeroa and having your photo taken next to the giant bottle), boysenberry ripple or goody goody gum drops ice cream from the dairy and doing 'nothing much'.

Hearing 'Bro' all the time:  Apart from my other half no one says that here.  Its not such a big deal just a reminder i'm not home walking down the Mount boardwalk or through a NZ shopping mall (guess thats kind of good though right?!)

Sunday magazine:  This could probably be the number one kiwi thing I miss on a Sunday morning.  I'm dying to know what shoe is this weeks pick, what the fashion spread is and what Granny should have told me about this week . . .

Cheap fish and chips: The kiwi staple take away right?  Tell that to the Melbourne fush and chup shops.  You won't get away with paying $10 for 3 scoops and 2 fish.  Yes it may be way better for the waist line but you have to treat yourself sometimes with a massive feed of Fich and chips.

Raglan: Any of you who have been there know why this place could make anyone homesick.  Better start saving my pennys for a bach there.

Pohutukawa Trees: Another ridiculously kiwi thing.  I miss our native trees they're so much prettier than most of the scrub over here!

My friends and family: I wish I could have moved all of you over here with me.  I think about you all the time and I am hoping to get back to NZ before the year is out.  Wish me luck on the saving front!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The best part of Sunday

Green Apple Army guy candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yum. Thanks Sugar Station.

Sunday arvo in the city.

Sunday's are always a slow one, especially when they're the only day off with the 'other half'.  The sleep in until 11 was bliss and blueberry pancakes for brunch made up for the fact that we didn't leave the house until well after 3.  HOWEVER we did make it down to the BLOKK exhibition at the No Vacancy gallery.
The artist known as BLOKK hails from Melbourne and is pop culture artist who "crosses boundaries between fine art, graffiti, graphic design and illustration" his latest collection takes inspiration from the 1940s tattoo culture.  Think sexy pin up girls and mexican skulls.
Check out his stuff here:

Amazing.  Just wish we had the wall space (and moolah) to grab one of these works.  

music for a gloomy Tuesday

They still have it . . . 

Kora - Story Aint Over

I was also lucky enough to check out the SELL OUT Paper Kites gig on Friday night at the Corner.
Loved it, love them wish I could relive the night . . . 

Paper Kites - Bloom

A few photos I got to document the night, be warned photos are a little lame! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Deadly Ponies Dreaming

I have a little obsession with accessories  . . . amazing, expensive ones to be more exact! Soooo a huge smile came over my face when the new Deadly Ponies "Okapi Rider" range was released last week.  The colours this time around are full of  summery goodness and all of their top selling styles are still around back with hot new facelifts.

My top picks include:

The Mr Bone Mailman in Black/Olive

The Mr Panther in Camel

The Fill n Zip Twist in Peacock 

There goes my credit card limit . . . 


Have to let all of you in on a secret, my other half is pretty talented . . . check out his latest installment on our bedroom wall.  What to do with a James Jean postcard book.  Yus

Identity Crisis

So those of you who know me well know I have just started a job as a store manager for a top sportswear company based in Melbourne.  I have to wear Lycra blend clothing all day every work day.  I'm completely out of my element and I know its a good thing to get out of your comfort zone but seriously this job has me questioning who the hell I am . . . I have never run more than 10km at one time in my life and I don't care what my resting heart rate is or even who the hottest sports stars are..  If I'm going to work out I like it to be in a gym, with my friends or running down a sunny board walk with a cafe in sight.
When I moved to Melbourne I saw myself working for a completely different company, a lot more fashion orientated, and more behind the scenes as I got over working the shop floor in my last retail job.  I am however grateful I can pay my rent and once again go shopping! (Make sure you keep posted as the weeks go on I am going shopping!!!!) I work with lovely ladies who I am now 'guiding' in a company they are all far more familiar with than me.  I am involved with the evolution of the company where my store is getting a complete face lift.  So I can't complain about my work environment (except for a few unexpected overtime hours last week).  BUT my heart is just not in it and I'm scared to start from scratch once again and fall into a job I don't LOVE...maybe that 'dream' job is a myth and most of us only work to make ends meet.  I hope not as that's what I'm gunning for in my next career move.

Where to begin?!

I feel like a little piece of my was missing the whole time I couldn't write on my blog.  It's not that I feel I want to vent anything to anyone I just thoroughly enjoy relaxing and writing about things that make me happy!  Pretty happy with the state of my Melbourne life now, have an awesome group of friends, living in an exceptionally cool place and suburb, have a job . . . still looking for that special one I see myself doing for a long time though, and finally feeling like everything is flowing smoothly.

Beau coops baby, I have been window shopping these bad boys for some time . . . and because of the price I decided to make them my "yus i got a job celebration purchase".  Never been so happy with a pair of shoes!
(Beau Coops Beau5 Ankle Boots in Nero $315 from ZOMP)

As far as purchases that has been about it except for the boring household things . . . pillows, duvet/doona covers, tables, coathangers, toilet brushes and that list gets more and more dull as I go on.

Right have to jet out the door and make the most of my day off but expect a lot more tonight! x

It's about time

Apologies for the lack of posting on here.  A lot has happened over the past two weeks including finally moving into our new place and starting a new job. We have only just had the net turned on (typical internet company fashion two weeks late!).  So I hereby promise to keep you updated daily!!! Big promise right there.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm sorry!

I'm completely frustrated . . . We are all still waiting for our Internet to be connected at home and at work the connection is about as slow as a snail on sedatives. I promise from the bottom of my heart this blog is on my mind all day every day and once everything is up and running you'll all be in for a treat well at least a complete novel (with loads of pictures!)
Much love


Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a little excuse

Thought I had better let you all know I won't be posting anything until Thursday this week. Have to wait patiently until our Internet is switched on at the new pad (woohoo new place is epic!) I'm going to be honest I have a head full of posts but I'm not technologically savvy enough to try and post them all from an iPhone.
So until later this week, ciao.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

to a family i think about everyday . . .

besides my family of course!

I was lucky enough to meet the Mendez family, on my travels through the US two years ago (holy crap can't believe it has been that long!).   Even though I haven't been around Crystal or Robert for two years I think about them and the boys Nicholas, Christopher and Gabriel every single day.

I MISS YOU!  You have no idea what it meant to Liam and myself that you welcomed us,  strangers with funny accents into your home and out with your friends.  For everything you helped us with and all the fun times we got to share with you.  Portland would never have been a great experience if it wasn't for you.

So what I was really trying to get to with this post was a wish a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the youngest member of the Mendez clan Gabe.  As most of you close to me already know Gabriel had a horrific accident last year which has meant a lot of new and challenging experiences for him and the family.  I admire all of you and Crystal I am in awe of just how amazing you are.  You can do anything!

I hope today is filled with a lot of love and laughter.  We (yep I'm including Liam in this one) wish we could be there to help you celebrate more than anything and we are sending you so much love from down under! 

The wee man himself on my trip to Portland 2 years ago.

Monday, July 4, 2011

oooo lala Dakota.

I was absolutely blown away by the new campaign by Marc Jacobs starring Dakota Fanning.  
This girl is a babe!  Amidst all the backlash about DK being too young to star in such a 'provocative' campaign she shines. Who wouldn't want to be the new muse of one of todays most celebrated fashion designers?!  You'd have to be nuts.

I can almost say I am one of MJ's biggest fans (even though monetary problems prevent me from being one of the biggest customers!) but his perfume I do love.  'Lola' has been one of my favourites for a few years now and 'Oh Lola' is his new take on a young classic . . . and starring Miss Fanning as the face how can it not be a hit?! 
Can't wait to get myself through duty free again to pick it up.


What girl doesn't love a bit of sweet indulgence?!  I can honestly say I indulge more than my fair share but on occasions such as high tea who doesn't want to get their money worth right?!  Ok so that's not what they're about apparently its high society afternoon tea . . . which funnily enough is supposed to be called a  'LOW' tea.  Somewhere along the line the 'HIGH' tea took over as it was thought it was 'high' society who 'tea'd' this way. 
Confused?! Same!  
Anyway it is a tasty past time we have to credit to the Brits.  So many delicious teas, scone, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and of course a bit of sparkling wine . . . only champagne will do!
Loved this one a selection of girls and I trialled a few weekends ago.  Have never tasted so many delicious teas and even had my first Macaroon.  Yum!
Check out the Hermes Birkin bag and the Chanel No.5 cakes on the top tier this is all part of their "Winter in Paris" theme for this season.  

Pistachio Macaroons were the best.

High Tea at Hotel Nest
111 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park.
Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
from $40pp

It's kiwi bro

Alright alright I'm not about to go on about what is rightfully Kiwi (Mallowpuffs, pineapple lumps, L&P) and what is Ozzie (I'll give them the lamington, crikey!, kangaroo meat).   But when it comes to the good old Pavlova there is no denying it's a kiwi thing first and foremost.  I'm not even a great fan of the iconic dessert but while around celebrating my best friends freedom from exams with her family we got to relish in the delight of its fluffiness once again.  Must be topped with whipped cream and kiwifruit . . . that is all.

Notice the amazing vintage vino glasses . . . only the best for my friends.

This one's for the lads . . . or gentlemen if you please.

I am lucky my other half is someone with great taste (of course!).  Someone you could say who likes his coffee a certain 'way'.  Me? . . . I can appreciate great coffee but to be honest it doesn't make or break my day like it does for Liam.   So fortunately after drinking several cups of not so brilliant coffee and chai in the city we were pointed in the direction of a great cafe called 'Captains of Industry'.  
It's tucked away down an alley I never knew existed and up some stairs I never would have wandered up without knowing something inspirational waited for me at the top.  You are greeted by an open room with so much going on you don't know whether to sit down or stare blankly at what everyone is doing.   the guys here are masters of nearly every trade under the sun . . . Barbers, shoe makers, EXCELLENT baristas, leather works, and tailors. Quite possibly a gentleman's dream!
Ladies take your man there for a spruce up while you sit back and sip one
of the best coffees you've ever had.

Captains of Industry
Gentlemen's Outfitter and Cafe
Level 1, 2 Somerset Place