Sunday, June 12, 2011

Next purchase

Soooo I'm normally pretty crap when it comes to taking good photos at the right time. I have had so many amazing experiences I have wanted to share with friends and family but no evidence to back them up.  
I guess I am lucky my other half has a good eye for photo ops.  
Anyway even though I own two digital cameras that I would never part with in a million years I still want to add 'fun' film cameras to my collection.  
Maybe its because film/lomography/pin hole cameras have become trendy again as digital ones are common place but whatever the reasons these ones would whet my wanting appetite for a while.

Sold in the 1960s for 50c, the Diana is once again a popular novelty commodity.  It doesn't have the greatest photography reviews and film can also be hard to buy but why would you not want one of these puppies.  Complete with flash of course!

 Because the fisheye app for iPhone is just not as good as this one.

More for the look factor.  The Superheads, Blackbird. Fly twin lens reflex camera.
Orange one would go down a treat.

Nearly impossible to get film for.  Probably the reason I would like this so bad!

One thing I regret in life . . . not buying this lego camera at Urban Outfitters when I had the chance. 
Anyone in the states want to send me one?! Much appreciated.

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