Friday, June 10, 2011

Mid year resolution . . . write more stuff

Obviously those of you who follow this know how unbelievably crap I have been at updating it.  I do have excuses however.  We finally locked down the dream house . . . move in EXACTLY one month today (thank god June only has 30 days!).  Slowly starting to collect bits of furniture mainly toilet brushes, pillows, giant shoe horns and random blue chairs from the side of the road . . . don't judge it's in mint condition!

I have had a few hilarious interviews and missed out on some amazing jobs . . . although its their loss not mine.  Have a few in the pipeline right now will have to see where that all takes me.  I'm just STOKED to have a beautiful, new, warm house to move into (pics will come next month).

So as its been a loooooong while since I have let you in on my life I guess the best way to show you is in photos!
Went to Boy and Bear a few weeks ago they were AMAZING! Support act Ginja Safari weren't too bad either.

Ginja Safari

Boy and Bear


And the KIWI song, this is pretty much the only video I got of this song where we weren't yelling and arguing the fact that its a kiwi song . . . don't you just hate the sound of your own voice on video?

My lovely B&B companions.  They can scream louder than youuuu can!

I have also been heavily involved in the BYO circuit.  Lygon St, Victoria St, China Town . . . anywhere you can take a bottle with you I'm there!

Pizza, pasta and fine?!! wine overload at Lygon with some new FWENDS and some top old ones.

Mexicali Rose before getting our crazy feet on at Tiki Taane and Optimus Gryme. Yeow

Doing their thing


Also been doing a range of other random activities such as . . .

 Drinking a few Cervezas

Hanging out at Section 8 container bar.  Top Notch establishment.

Strolling through random parks.

Walking past Luna Park too scared to cross the road into it.  That clown is way too evil.

Drinking coke out of glass bottles, it's just how we do it in Melbourne.

Staring at lights . . . no seriously these ones had me going!  Look the photos are even mid way through a colour change!

My parents were here over last weekend as well (another excuse why my pride and joy this blog has remained in my draft box!).  We got spoilt rotten and ate and drank until we were sick.  I am devastated I didn't take any photos.  Bad daughter!!!!!!

Ma and Pa stayed at the Amora in my new hood of Richmond . . . go there its pretty choice!

So while mum was here of course we did the rounds of the stores but because I am currently without job/money I didn't buy a damn thing.  Buuuuut i did notice a few things around . . . .

 Owwww heart ache at not having this . . . Marc by Marc jacobs. I really must be a summer girl when I want to wear this in Melbourne's low teen temperatures at the moment.

 These Repetto shoes from FAT.  I would happily spend my life savings there given the chance.

MACs new "Surf Baby"line.
Freaking HOT colours and now top of my make-up wish list


This wee gem . . .

And fave friday sing a long . . . oldy but a goodie!
Fleet Foxes, White Winter Hymnal.

Have a good loooong weekend (Ozzies) and remember:

and to. . . 

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