Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inspriring myself

There is nothing like a good kick in the teeth to get you motivated to change what you aren't 100% happy about in life.
I had different ideals for what I would be doing when I turned 25 but I'm happy enough where I'm at now and I will only become more successful as I find my niche in a new place.
I decided to write a few goals to inspire myself this year . . .

1.  Have an article published, anywhere and about what ever i just want it done.

2.  Stop dwelling on the past, I've realised I look at all the interesting places I've been and things I've done as though I'm not doing anything now . . . the future holds way too many exciting adventures to be caught up in the past.

3. Find a job I love.  I am seriously hating unemployment at the moment.  I am judging myself through the stigma of the unemployed . . . I'm trying to find a dream job not one I 'don't mind working in'.  I also need to realise no one who matters looks down on me because of it.

4. Write a business plan . . . sorry I'm not saying anymore.  It is a mighty work in progress!

5.  Keep my blog updated.  At the moment I am using the excuse of having no money as a scapegoat to not write as my photos aren't relevant but I love to write about everything.

6.  Plan my next adventure.  It's seriously killing me not being able to travel with a couple of my gal pals this October but as I see it I'm in a different place to them right now and unfortunately being older means making sacrifices for the future good.  Soooooo next year I'm sure we will go, do, have an amazing intrepid radventure (me and my other half)

7.  Be inspired by something everyday.  So often we go through our daily lives as though we are living off a list: eat, work, gym, drink, sleep.  I want something to challenge my thinking and ideas everyday.  my mind is now open!

8.  Really make effort to keep in touch and see my friends often.  Traveling so much in the past has meant I have trusted that even though I'm away my friends at home will be there.  Most of the time this is true and having lived away from my best friend for so long I know I will always have the greatest friendship in her.  BUT i want to see who I can when I can with no excuses.  I love my girls and boys and am making a pact between us I will always be there!

9. Make new friends.  On the subject of friends it will be amazing to get a completely foreign aspect on life from new people.  PS: They will never replace my old and longstanding friends! NEVER!

10.  Continue to make my family and other half proud of me! I don't take failure lightly and even though I know parents are programmed to be proud I want to make them REALLY proud.

11.  Only make promises I can keep.  I don't want to let anyone down especially myself.

"good things fall apart so better things can fall together"

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