Thursday, June 16, 2011

In love . . . with a city?!

It took me a while to really understand and appreciate living in Melbourne.  I was always excited to be here but coming from a beach town and spending the last four years traveling around beautiful beaches and mountains in South and North America it was a major reality check once the holiday feel had worn off.  Now I am starting to feel more comfortable and come up with ways to make my new city a home.  Have been on numerous walks and I think I have most of the inner suburbs down pact now, well until you drop me away from a main road anyway.
I am so excited about moving into a new place (if you haven't noticed before) and neighbourhood.
I know already I'm going to miss St Kilda with the water right there and my close friends 10 houses down. BUT we all have to try new things right?!
Anway what brought all that dribble on was this sun set:

View over Albert Park Lake last night.  If these sunsets are caused by ash from the Chile eruption then bring it on.  Melbourne you're a pretty city!

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