Thursday, June 16, 2011

Current Obsessions

Beanies! I've always been a lover of a good hat and winter is definitely no exception.
Travels to Canada a couple of year ago were a great excuse to buy up large on warm head coverings . . . but I'm over most of those "touques" (ridiculous word Canadians call Beanies Pffffff).
So found some more here in Melbourne.

Colour splash . . . sorry made a promise can't tell you where to buy these.  They're little hidden gems.

Always been a bit of a fan of old Wu Tang.  Not enough to become one of the Wu Mamis  (don't know what these are? check it out here haha.
Can't wait for their concert here in Melbourne.
But there is no way I'm going to be throwing up any signs . . .

Wu Tang Clan "Cream"

Loving these guys right now, good mix of cheese and 'cool'.

Noah and the Whale, Life goes on.

Thinking of everyone in Christchurch once again . . . my head and heart are with those still going through the uncertainty and fear caused by these damn earthquakes.
Stay safe and know that all ex pats are wishing you well and hoping for that eventual recovery!

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