Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feel Good

Beautiful sunny day at home and nothing to do but relax with my other half.  Best way to spend a Thursday don't you think?!  Especially when I'm about to receive a yummy cooked breaky! 

Love at first listen:

Band of Horses: Ode to LRC

PS: breaky was amazing. yus

Oh and I now have a job, a pretty good one in fact.  Something that will at least tide me over until i scour Melbourne for the job of my dreams.  Woohoo. x

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brick by brick

I was lucky enough to have a friend take me to an awesome lego exhibition this week.  
It brought back that nostalgic feeling of sitting on the living room rug with lego pieces spread everywhere, getting them stuck in my foot and fighting with my brother over the what lego man I got.  Initially I was expecting a walk down memory lane with displays of all the lego themes from over the years but it was nothing like that.  
It was art . . . seriously, a wonder of the human ability.  Ok maybe getting a bit carried away but let the photos speak for themselves. 


Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya.  
Former Lawyer turned international "Lego Master Model Builder"
Exhibition runs until September 29th in Fed Square, Melbourne.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inspriring myself

There is nothing like a good kick in the teeth to get you motivated to change what you aren't 100% happy about in life.
I had different ideals for what I would be doing when I turned 25 but I'm happy enough where I'm at now and I will only become more successful as I find my niche in a new place.
I decided to write a few goals to inspire myself this year . . .

1.  Have an article published, anywhere and about what ever i just want it done.

2.  Stop dwelling on the past, I've realised I look at all the interesting places I've been and things I've done as though I'm not doing anything now . . . the future holds way too many exciting adventures to be caught up in the past.

3. Find a job I love.  I am seriously hating unemployment at the moment.  I am judging myself through the stigma of the unemployed . . . I'm trying to find a dream job not one I 'don't mind working in'.  I also need to realise no one who matters looks down on me because of it.

4. Write a business plan . . . sorry I'm not saying anymore.  It is a mighty work in progress!

5.  Keep my blog updated.  At the moment I am using the excuse of having no money as a scapegoat to not write as my photos aren't relevant but I love to write about everything.

6.  Plan my next adventure.  It's seriously killing me not being able to travel with a couple of my gal pals this October but as I see it I'm in a different place to them right now and unfortunately being older means making sacrifices for the future good.  Soooooo next year I'm sure we will go, do, have an amazing intrepid radventure (me and my other half)

7.  Be inspired by something everyday.  So often we go through our daily lives as though we are living off a list: eat, work, gym, drink, sleep.  I want something to challenge my thinking and ideas everyday.  my mind is now open!

8.  Really make effort to keep in touch and see my friends often.  Traveling so much in the past has meant I have trusted that even though I'm away my friends at home will be there.  Most of the time this is true and having lived away from my best friend for so long I know I will always have the greatest friendship in her.  BUT i want to see who I can when I can with no excuses.  I love my girls and boys and am making a pact between us I will always be there!

9. Make new friends.  On the subject of friends it will be amazing to get a completely foreign aspect on life from new people.  PS: They will never replace my old and longstanding friends! NEVER!

10.  Continue to make my family and other half proud of me! I don't take failure lightly and even though I know parents are programmed to be proud I want to make them REALLY proud.

11.  Only make promises I can keep.  I don't want to let anyone down especially myself.

"good things fall apart so better things can fall together"

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Just for you mum

Current Obsessions

Beanies! I've always been a lover of a good hat and winter is definitely no exception.
Travels to Canada a couple of year ago were a great excuse to buy up large on warm head coverings . . . but I'm over most of those "touques" (ridiculous word Canadians call Beanies Pffffff).
So found some more here in Melbourne.

Colour splash . . . sorry made a promise can't tell you where to buy these.  They're little hidden gems.

Always been a bit of a fan of old Wu Tang.  Not enough to become one of the Wu Mamis  (don't know what these are? check it out here haha.
Can't wait for their concert here in Melbourne.
But there is no way I'm going to be throwing up any signs . . .

Wu Tang Clan "Cream"

Loving these guys right now, good mix of cheese and 'cool'.

Noah and the Whale, Life goes on.

Thinking of everyone in Christchurch once again . . . my head and heart are with those still going through the uncertainty and fear caused by these damn earthquakes.
Stay safe and know that all ex pats are wishing you well and hoping for that eventual recovery!

In love . . . with a city?!

It took me a while to really understand and appreciate living in Melbourne.  I was always excited to be here but coming from a beach town and spending the last four years traveling around beautiful beaches and mountains in South and North America it was a major reality check once the holiday feel had worn off.  Now I am starting to feel more comfortable and come up with ways to make my new city a home.  Have been on numerous walks and I think I have most of the inner suburbs down pact now, well until you drop me away from a main road anyway.
I am so excited about moving into a new place (if you haven't noticed before) and neighbourhood.
I know already I'm going to miss St Kilda with the water right there and my close friends 10 houses down. BUT we all have to try new things right?!
Anway what brought all that dribble on was this sun set:

View over Albert Park Lake last night.  If these sunsets are caused by ash from the Chile eruption then bring it on.  Melbourne you're a pretty city!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Next purchase

Soooo I'm normally pretty crap when it comes to taking good photos at the right time. I have had so many amazing experiences I have wanted to share with friends and family but no evidence to back them up.  
I guess I am lucky my other half has a good eye for photo ops.  
Anyway even though I own two digital cameras that I would never part with in a million years I still want to add 'fun' film cameras to my collection.  
Maybe its because film/lomography/pin hole cameras have become trendy again as digital ones are common place but whatever the reasons these ones would whet my wanting appetite for a while.

Sold in the 1960s for 50c, the Diana is once again a popular novelty commodity.  It doesn't have the greatest photography reviews and film can also be hard to buy but why would you not want one of these puppies.  Complete with flash of course!

 Because the fisheye app for iPhone is just not as good as this one.

More for the look factor.  The Superheads, Blackbird. Fly twin lens reflex camera.
Orange one would go down a treat.

Nearly impossible to get film for.  Probably the reason I would like this so bad!

One thing I regret in life . . . not buying this lego camera at Urban Outfitters when I had the chance. 
Anyone in the states want to send me one?! Much appreciated.

Go here

Delish brunch this morning and yummmm coffee at Las Chicas in Balaclava.
I'm not about to write a review on the food and the atmosphere just go there, eat, drink, and be merry.  
The staff are pretty rad as well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mid year resolution . . . write more stuff

Obviously those of you who follow this know how unbelievably crap I have been at updating it.  I do have excuses however.  We finally locked down the dream house . . . move in EXACTLY one month today (thank god June only has 30 days!).  Slowly starting to collect bits of furniture mainly toilet brushes, pillows, giant shoe horns and random blue chairs from the side of the road . . . don't judge it's in mint condition!

I have had a few hilarious interviews and missed out on some amazing jobs . . . although its their loss not mine.  Have a few in the pipeline right now will have to see where that all takes me.  I'm just STOKED to have a beautiful, new, warm house to move into (pics will come next month).

So as its been a loooooong while since I have let you in on my life I guess the best way to show you is in photos!
Went to Boy and Bear a few weeks ago they were AMAZING! Support act Ginja Safari weren't too bad either.

Ginja Safari

Boy and Bear


And the KIWI song, this is pretty much the only video I got of this song where we weren't yelling and arguing the fact that its a kiwi song . . . don't you just hate the sound of your own voice on video?

My lovely B&B companions.  They can scream louder than youuuu can!

I have also been heavily involved in the BYO circuit.  Lygon St, Victoria St, China Town . . . anywhere you can take a bottle with you I'm there!

Pizza, pasta and fine?!! wine overload at Lygon with some new FWENDS and some top old ones.

Mexicali Rose before getting our crazy feet on at Tiki Taane and Optimus Gryme. Yeow

Doing their thing


Also been doing a range of other random activities such as . . .

 Drinking a few Cervezas

Hanging out at Section 8 container bar.  Top Notch establishment.

Strolling through random parks.

Walking past Luna Park too scared to cross the road into it.  That clown is way too evil.

Drinking coke out of glass bottles, it's just how we do it in Melbourne.

Staring at lights . . . no seriously these ones had me going!  Look the photos are even mid way through a colour change!

My parents were here over last weekend as well (another excuse why my pride and joy this blog has remained in my draft box!).  We got spoilt rotten and ate and drank until we were sick.  I am devastated I didn't take any photos.  Bad daughter!!!!!!

Ma and Pa stayed at the Amora in my new hood of Richmond . . . go there its pretty choice!

So while mum was here of course we did the rounds of the stores but because I am currently without job/money I didn't buy a damn thing.  Buuuuut i did notice a few things around . . . .

 Owwww heart ache at not having this . . . Marc by Marc jacobs. I really must be a summer girl when I want to wear this in Melbourne's low teen temperatures at the moment.

 These Repetto shoes from FAT.  I would happily spend my life savings there given the chance.

MACs new "Surf Baby"line.
Freaking HOT colours and now top of my make-up wish list


This wee gem . . .

And fave friday sing a long . . . oldy but a goodie!
Fleet Foxes, White Winter Hymnal.

Have a good loooong weekend (Ozzies) and remember:

and to. . .