Wednesday, May 25, 2011

friends . . .

Mr Awesome Friend and my other half

So things have been a little rough over the past week being homeless and jobless.  I am completely to blame for my own way of thinking because I'm so damn sensitive and I have no idea when/where/how this happened. But friends are rad as always AND this week is finally gig week . . . Boy and Bear here I come!   

Miss Best Friend

Best Wednesday band

Best Wednesday pick me up

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

very very true and Melbourne friends you are amazing.  Beyond my expectations!

the first of many

It's been a long time coming this blog . . . I have been' umming and ahhing over topics, photos, people, places, interests, that I think will benefit my 'followers' if there are going to be any out there . . .
I guess there are a few things to mention.  I have just moved to Melbourne and so far loving it.  It's such an inspirational city which is something my that has been lacking in my life for the past year.  At the moment I am homeless and unemployed, moody and stressed but still happy.  I have met so many amazing people already (even some Australians!) and feel like I could have been living here for years.
So I guess I need to go on about what I'm 'about'.  I love fashion (but not to the point where I will be wearing real fur or disregarding the age old rule of socks and sandals.  Come on people my grandfather did that and he was no style icon!)  I am into health and fitness with a passion for the board sports (although not overly good) and I am also a keen writer (some say gift of gab?!) I am about to start a post grad diploma in communication management, hopefully get my brain working again.
So my main hope is that once all is settled and well I can use this to maybe inspire some of you out there.
Until then . . . X